Events page type

Functionality and structure overview.

PageType Events is a calendar structure presenting future time event items. Each item has time duration (start date - end date), place and organizer. The system can issue event tickets if eCommerce enabled. Events RSS feed is also available.

Public items and module presentation.

Public items are structured in short description grid view sorted by date.
The module shows the event calendar along with the next upcoming events. Next upcoming events count is controlled by "Number of Featured Module Items" setting (settings tab).

Administration and properties.

Events items are presented in grid view containing Image, Title, Date (duration), Place, Organizer, Price (if ecommerce enabled - settings tab), Featured, Publishing status, Item Comments (if comments enabled - settings tab), Edit and Delete.

Add/Edit item you can adjust all item properties.
URL alias is used in the page url construction. If you have url alias "Event 2" for example the url will be Try to keep URL alias same as your item title for better search engine optimization. However you should know that URL alias is unique field means you can not have two or more items of type with the same URL alias. Note that URL alias is used just in the url construction while the item title is used in the breadcrumb, content area etc.

Item description is used on the public site for all items grid view while the item content is used in item single view.

If ecommerce enabled there will be pricing and discounts module displayed. Ecommerce on events is designed to issue event tickets.

You can set item prise, promotional price (if set this is the valid price), you can also make quantity discounts. (discount need to be configure in ecommerce/discounts).
Event items have also "featured" property. If checked the item will be shown in the module.
Note: The module shows only future events! If the event date has passed it would not be displayed into the module. Also keep in mind "Number of Featured Module Items" setting.