Form Builder page type

Functionality and structure overview.

FormBuilder is a page type for building custom form pages. Forms can be used for different purposes like contacts, tests, questionary etc. public website users interaction examples. FormBuilder is unlimited instances pagetype i.e. you can cerate as many form pages as needed.

Public items and module presentation.

You can create public form using different popular inputs like text boxes or fields, check boxes, radio buttons or dropdowns. Each input has title and description where for description is used a HTML editor so you can create rich text, images and media wight next to each form input field. Each form has also captcha protection.

Administration and properties.

FormBuilder contains two administrative tabs.Show Form - Create or Edit form inputs.
Show Data - Contains submitted data.

Form input field can be one of the following types: Text box, text field, check box (list), radio button (group), dropdown. Each input has title and description also some inputs may have values like check boxes, radio buttons or dropdowns.
Each form has Submit button automatically generated at the bottom of the form. Submit button has selected actions that it may perform. For example you can specify email list that will receive email notification on form submit.