How do I license my installation?

There are two simple steps you need to do in order to license your PageTypes CMS installation.

Get License

  1. Login at or register if you don't have account yet.
  2. Click "Get License" button, select license subscription period and follow the steps. You will be transferred to PayPal for online payment.
  3. When you finish the subscription process you will see an active subscription in your profile under tab Orders.

Connect license to your installation

  1. Login to your website administration and click license link in the administrative tools module.
  2. Establish secure connection to - Attention: Use your user credentials.
  3. The system will display a table containing all your active licenses. Locate the license you plan to use and click connect.

License Transfer: You are allowed to transfer single license to unlimited number of PageTypes installations. In order to do that you have to disconnect your license from the current installation then connect it to the new one.
You are not allowed to connect license to installation if the license is already connected. You have to disconnect the license first.