eCommerce page type

Functionality and structure overview.

Ecommerce is a complicate page type. It is designed for selling page items (products, services, news, etc.) regardless of type. In order to enable eCommerce on any page supported you need to check "eCommerce Enable" setting (settings tab). Depending on the page type enabled on eCommerce engine reacts either as "items subscription" or "item sale" or both.

Public items and module presentation.

Public ecommerce page is designed like shopping cart. Also when ecommerce enabled on some page it displays additional item properties like price, discounts, favorites etc.
Supported page types:
Products - item sale.
Events - item sale (ticket).
News - page items subscription. Gains user access to the page items for certain time period (subscription period).
Services - item sale or item (service) subscription. The user can order single service realization or service subscription.

Administration and properties.

The administrative items tab holds your online shop "orders", "reports" and "discounts".
Click Orders tab to check your orders information and status. For easy navigation and and order finding you may sort your orders by OrderID or Date, you may also filter orders by OrderID, User Name or Status. Click View for complete order Information.

Depending on shopping process stage the order may have different status.
Shopping - the user is still on the website browsing products. Might also be an abandon order.

Waiting payment - the user has checked out but payment not confirmed.

Confirmed - Money transfer confirmed from the merchant server.

Order has been sent - status can be set manually from the admin when shipping required.

Reports tab gives information about an item sale. How many times an item has been reviewed, ordered, what quantity has been sold. The grid has rich filtering and sorting options.

Discounts tab - create different percentage discounts and use later on product pricing adjustment.