Banners page type

Functionality and structure overview.

PageType Banners is a functionality that allows creating picture-links on your website.
PageType banners has unlimited number of instances - you can create as many pages as needed.
Every banner is defined as a page item.

Public items and module presentation.

On the public site banners are listed next to each other, one below the other in the module. Keep same banner size for better presentation.

Administration and properties.

Content items listing displays all banners in a grid view.
Module items listing displays featured banners. Banner quantity is controlled by "Number of Featured Module Items" setting.

Banner item has the flowing properties:
URL (link). When you click the banner it will open the corresponding URL.
Target specifies how the browser will open the URL.

_blank - opens the destination document in a new unnamed window.
_parent - opens the destination document in the parent window of the one displaying the current document.
_self - opens the destination document in the same window as the one in which the link was clicked.
_top - opens the destination document in the full body of the current window. This value can be used to ensure that the destination document takes over the full window even if the original document was displayed in a frame.

Featured specifies if module will include the current banner.
Status - displays publishing page status.