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PageTypes Administration - attaching page to the menu

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Now you have created your first page. In this section we will describe how you navigate to your pages on the public site. The system has three predefined menu positions Top, Main and Bottom.

Menu position
Public site menu positions.

The top and the main menus have multilevel menu trees. The lower levels are displayed in the left side bar, as drop-downs or both. The bottom menu is a single level menu only. If there are more levels attached to the bottom menu, they will not be displayed.

If you have published the page it is already accessible from the URL. To improve and provide better navigation to your website, we will show you how you can attach a page to the menu.

When creating or editing your page you will notice a quick Menu access tab. This tab allows you to quickly attach to the menu whilst editing or creating the page content. If you do not plan to attach your page to the menu you are able to do this later from the Menu functionality feature in the Manage toolbox.

Attaching page to Menu using Quick Menu access tabQuick Menu

The sub tab level displays available menu positions - Top Menu, Main Menu and Bottom Menu.

Select the menu which shows the menu position your page needs to appear on. The selected Menu Tree will then be displayed.

If you need your page in the first root level just click Plus Attach Current Page button. If you need to add your page in a sub level, select the node your page will attach UNDER and click PlusAttach Current Page button.

You can also organize page position by clicking Up arrowMove Up or down arrowMove Down buttons.

Note: Move Up and Move Down buttons work within the parent element. You can move the selected page within its parent node.

Attaching page to Menu using Manage toolbox / Menus

Sub tab level displays available menu positions - Top Menu, Main Menu and Bottom Menu.

Mange Manus

Select menu depending on which public website position your page needs to appear. The selected Menu Tree will be displayed along with all available pages on the right hand side.

In order to attach the page to the menu, select the node where you want the page to be attached and click Attach to menu Attach to menu link on the particular page row. The page will be attached to the last position in the node selected.

In order to adjust the position inside the node use Up arrow Move Up and Down arrow Move Down links in the action toolbox.

In order to remove page from the menu select the page from the tree and click Detach Detach link.

From the Settings tab you can control how the menu will display the icons in the front of the page title and also the icons size. In order to display icons the pages must have icons uploaded first.