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PageTypes Architecture - Layouts and Menus

Posted By: on 7/13/2010 9:43:38 AM, 0 Comments, 38485 views Categories: PageTypes Architecture Tags: Architecture, Structure, Layout, Menu
Your PageTypes website may have different layouts of your choice. Layouts are based on content and side bar combinations. Each page can be attached to a layout and also each page type can be attached to layout. Attaching a page type to a layout means all the pages of this type will use the attached layout.

The layout also determines which page modules will be displayed in the middle bar or side bars. You can attach any page module in the middle bar or side bar. You are also able to change the modules position.

Page layout display sequence:
If the page does not have layout attached the system will check if the corresponding page type has. If the page type does not have a layout attached, the system will display the page with the website default layout. The website default layout is the home page layout. The default layout can always be changed but it cannot be deleted.

Each page can be attached to a menu. There is no limitation how many times a page will appear on the menu i.e. a page can be attached to the menu several times and in different positions.

Menu Possitions