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PageTypes CMS v4.0 Release

Posted By: on 3/16/2012 4:50:44 PM, 0 Comments, 48775 views Categories: PageTypes Versioning Tags: release, features, updates, version 4.0

Since version 4.0 we are changing our sales practice. PageTypes CMS is now available for download with remote licensing policy. You can download PageTypes installer and following a few simple steps you can setup a website on your own server.
Since PageTypes CMS is now available outside PageTypes hosting environment the new version is coming with system backup schedule functionality and automatic updates. PageTypes customers can configure backup plans on their websites and what is more important their websites will be always up to date using automatic updates. All the new features, fixes and browser adjustments are coming to your website directly from PageTypes development team at no additional fees.

Almost forgot, PageTypes CMS has FREE version now. You can install PageTypes CMS and use it for free with limited page types available. Check what free version contains.

For those of you who follow PageTypes, we are braking the normal version sequence and we are jumping from version 3.2 to 4.0. I want to thank you all for being with us, for your feedback and for your help making PageTypes CMS really useful software product.

New features


BackupNow you can backup entire website including database and files and keep backup history in time. Create a backup schedule and set how many backups you need to keep back in time. You can also set notification event so the system will email you when the backup is complete. Recipient email needs to be entered in the settings tab.
Keeping backup history allows you to restore your website to earlier states you just need to click “restore” in the backup history grid.
The system also creates automatic backups on update (BackupOnUpdate) and restore (BackupOnRestore). You can determine this by checking the backup type in the backup history grid.
Additionally you need to know that if your website has been idle (no connections to the website) in the scheduled backup time period the system will not execute the backup task presuming there were no changes from the previous backup made.


UpdatesUsing system updates your website will have all the latest features and fixes directly from PageTypes development team. You can create update schedule where your website will automatically check and install updates on certain period of time. You can also enable notifications so the system will email you each time when update has been released or installed. Do not forget to enter email recipient in the settings tab.