News page type

Functionality and structure overview.

News page type is a calendar structure designed to present events which have appeared in the past. This is a typical news broadcasting structure. News items have comments functionality controlled by "item comments enable" setting (settings tab). News page may also has commercial access controlled by "ecommerce enabled" setting (settings tab). "Ecommerce enabled" gains user access to the page items if the user has subscribed for.

Public items and module presentation.

Public and module items are presented in a grid view.
Each item has title, image, date and short description. Clicking the title or the image item single view will be presented where the item appears with it's full description and larger image.

News items RSS feed is also available.

Administration and properties.

Administration displays all available news items in a grid with their image, title, date, status and comments if enabled.

Each news item has the following properties:
URL alias - unique field used in the URL construction.
Title - news title.
Date - date the news appeared.
Description - used in items grid view on the public site.
Content - used in item single view.
Featured status - determines if the item is going to appear in the module.
Image - displayed in smaller size in items grid view and bigger on item single view.

The item has publishing status controlled by publishing toolbox. It allows date to date publishing and controls whether the item will be accessible from public.

The system keeps up to five item history entries.