Newsletter page type

Functionality and structure overview.

Newsletter page type is designed to collect newsletter subscribers from the site and send email campaigns.

Public items and module presentation.

Public items and module present the same newsletter subscription functionality. The user needs to enter his/her email, choose subscribe or unsubscribe then submit the action.

Administration and properties.

Newsletter content and campaigns can be managed form the Newsletter tab.

The grid contains all newsletter items with their date, creator and actions available.

Send button creates email template using the newsletter content then forms an email queue to the SMTP server.
View button displays newsletter content and sending statistics.
Edit button is for changing newsletter content if required.
Delete permanently deletes the newsletter and it's history.

Subscribers tab manages the newsletter subscribers.

The users can be filtered by email also manually controlled if they are active (subscribed) or not.
Inserting new subscribers can be single or importing from .CSV file.

Important: Do not take advantage by sending newsletters to unsubscribed users. It may be treated as an abuse and your emails filtered as SPAM.