Poll page type

Functionality and structure overview.

Poll page type is a functionality that gathers public opinion of question asked. Poll presents opinion results in colored slider bars.

Public items and module presentation.

Poll question Poll Results

If the page contains more then one poll "all polls" link will lead to the page where the rest of the polls are.

Administration and properties.

Adding a poll you have to define the poll question first. All polls are presented in a grid with their properties and actions.

or Active status - only one poll per page can have active status. Means you can gather public opinions from one poll per page. If you need two or more active polls on your site you have to create two or more pages of type poll.
Answers - this is where the available answers of the poll question can be managed.
Publishing status - defines if the poll will be displayed (if not active in "all polls" list).
Delete - permanently deletes poll and results.

Note: Voting is limited per IP address. Users can vote only one time per poll.