Quick Links page type

Functionality and structure overview.

QuickLinks page type is designed to display different links in the content or module.

Public items and module presentation.

Nice external or internal links navigation can be made using the QuickLinks functionality. Links are presented with an icon too. A sample module called "IT services" is shown.

Administration and properties.

Links administration is arranged in a grid. Every link has title, icon, target URL, visible status, edit and delete actions.

QuickLinks properties:
Link title - this is the text that will be displayed.
URL - target URL where the link will point.
Target - defines how the browsers will open the link:

_blank - opens the destination document in a new unnamed window.
_parent - opens the destination document in the parent window of the one displaying the current document.
_self - opens the destination document in the same window as the one in which the link was clicked.
_top - opens the destination document in the full body of the current window. This value can be used to ensure that the destination document takes over the full window even if the original document was displayed in a frame.

Image - icon image displayed along with the link.
Visible - status determines if the link will be displayed.