RSS Rreader page type

Functionality and structure overview.

RSSreader page type gives the advantage to insert external RSS feed information on your website.

Public items and module presentation.

RSSreader public items and module looks similar to News items. The difference is that RSSreader take the information from external source and publish it automatically.

Administration and properties.

RSSreader administration is separated on two tabs Manage Feeds and Feed Items.
Manage Feeds tab controls feed streams. You can add as much feeds as needed. All feed items will be published on one public page.

Every feed has the following properties:
Feed URL - Destination URL where the items are coming from.
Feed title - Used for feed identification.
Synchronization Period - Defines on what time period (in hours) the system will get new items from the destination URL. The synchronization can be made manually using the "Synchronize" link in the Manage Feeds grid.
Publishing - determines if the feed is published.

Feed Items tab contains all feed items. The admin can additionally edit any item if required.

Feed item properties:
URL alias - unique field used in the URL construction.
Title - news title.
URL - Original item URL.
Description - used in items grid view on the public site.
Content - used in item single view.
Featured status - determines if the item is going to appear in the module.