What is PageTypes ?

For  Organizations

In today's Internet dominated world, every organization large or small needs an effective web presence as one of their key routes to their target audience.  Whether you are a commercial organization looking to serve your customers better, a government organization providing information to your community and stakeholders, or a non-profit organization looking to connect with people you can help or can help you, you need an easy way of creating, managing and using a website and a whole variety of web content.  PageTypes is comprehensive, easy to use, web based content management system that makes setting up, managing and changing you’re a site fast and simple. 

Every organization, no matter how small, should choose a web strategy based on a good content management system (CMS).  In the past many websites have been put together by designers and developers in such a way that you can't add a page or even change one word of the content yourself - you always have to get the technicians to update the site for you.  That means your site is always out of date, and setting up a new campaign, or adding a new topic to your site is time consuming and expensive.  With a CMS like PageTypes, you are in control of the structure and content.  Content can be changed or added in seconds in the same way that you would change a Word document.  You can find out more about why this is so important on our resources page. 
We called our CMS PageTypes because it has different readymade types of pages for the content on your site.  These are the building blocks you use to make the site you need.  They are modules that help you format and publish standard content, news, events, newsletters, products, customers, photo galleries, guest books, or more comprehensive requirements like eCommerce for selling products and services or a user portal so that you can provide your community an extranet for information exchange and sharing.  Our Feature Tour explains all 20 of the functions available.   PageTypes lets you take charge and allow people inside your organization get directly involved in publishing exactly what and when they need on to the web.   If you want to know more, you can find out how to use  or how to buy PageTypes.


For Web Designers, Web Developers, Consultants and Business Partners

Web designers, developers and consultants use a variety of development platforms, open source tools, commercially available CMS products or even hand coding HTML to build websites.  Whether you are a designer, a developer, an agency or a consultant involved in web strategy, you can partner with us to use the PageTypes platform to build websites that work.   As you can see, we have a function rich CMS, based on a scalable, industry standard technology, with over 20 standard modules, which make complex functionality like eCommerce or a user extranet very easy to implement.  As a software developer dedicated to web content management, we have a comprehensive development strategy and a  roadmap adding more and more new Page Types to extend the product in our future releases. 

We focus on developing the platform and supporting your team, while you focus on helping your clients achieve their particular business objectives and web strategy.  Our partner approach is flexible, so if you want to do the design, you can, but if you just handle the client, business and strategy, you can use our design team as your sub-contractor.   If that sounds interesting, you can find out more about becoming a PageTypes partner.