Using PageTypes

For Organizations

The PageTypes CMS is designed to make setting up, managing and changing your website fast and simple. It puts you and your customer team in control of what and when you want to publish on the web. So how do you use PageTypes?

You might be starting and converting content from an existing site, or maybe you want something fresh and new. We have a portfolio of designs you can use as a starting point, you might have particular favorite sites that you want your new site to look like, or maybe you have a design in mind. We have a pool of designers, partners and sub-contractors, so that we can match an approach to the particular style you have in mind. Design is all about art. It's subjective, and everyone has an opinion, so it is important that we find you the right designer to turn your ideas in something you like. Within the project, we will plan for a number of design iterations, so that we refine the site and make sure that you get what you want. It's also important for you to note that we start from your business or organization's objectives first and match the web strategy and website ingredients to your overall strategy. Find out more about our approach to web strategy here.

You can have as many administrators and content authors as you need, and we have flexible security and access controls that are easy to set up. You can configure each page's column layout, and pick and choose from different page types. These are the modules for standard content, news, events, newsletters, products, customers, photo galleries, guest books, or more comprehensive requirements like eCommerce for selling products and services or a user portal so that you can provide your community an extranet for information exchange and sharing - find out what is currently available here.

You can change the content and the layout any time that you like. Changing or adding content through editor and administration dashboard is as easy as changing pages in a Word document. You can add specific landing pages for specific online campaigns any time that you need. For every page we make it easy for you to add the meta tags, keywords and descriptions that are important for Search Engine Optimization, and we can help you understand more about that topic too. When we extend the product with new page types, those will be available for you to use too.

Finally, you don't have to worry about managing the PageTypes product, because nothing is installed on your PC. You access the product on any PC or Mac through a web browser. We are constantly developing the product, but because it's web based (cloud based or Software as a Service as some people call it) any new features and page types just become available the next time you log in after a new release.

For Web Designers, Web Developers, Consultants and Business Partners

As well as providing the PageTypes platform to help you build websites that work for your clients, you would join our PageTypes community of developers and partners. Our partner approach is flexible, so if you want to do the design, you can, but if you just handle the client, business and strategy, you can use our design team, or one of the other partners in the ecosystem as your sub-contractor. As a PageTypes partner you have access to our partner forum, where we exchange ideas and discuss our product plans and the product roadmap. We can do custom development if required as well. You can find out more about becoming a PageTypes partner.