ITBrix is an international software development and consulting company working in the area of community collaboration, web publishing, and content management. Historically we have been involved with a variety of intranet and internet based financial and management software systems which we still support, but now we are focusing on web content management with our WordFrame brand.

ITBrix, which currently has staff of 36, was formed in 2005 as the sales and investment arm of the European based software development incubator ConsultCommerce. Since 1995 ConsultCommerce has had an active presence in software development, supervision and production, both on the American continent and around the World. As well as developing complete software platforms for other software companies, along with general bespoke development and WordFrame itself, the company has produced a number of successful products including:

  • WordFrame, social media platform that combines many technologies into a unique web publishing and collaboration environment
  • LoanAmortizer, a product used by banks and financial institutions , installed at over 15,000 customers
  • The Talkspread forum software
  • NewzSpread, which is used for newsletter campaign management
  • HTMLXpress, an online HTML editor
  • iNetMail, a webmail management product
  • Manus, a human resources product for working time management

ITBrix has a strong design and development team of highly educated engineers based in Eastern Europe. They have a long history in web based development, combined with commercial, financial and automotive industry expertise. Our website and graphic design teams have proven to be amongst the best in creating exciting, easy to use websites and Internet based applications.

The management, solution building and development teams are based in USA, Bulgaria, and the UK, while almost all of the software development team are in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. ITBrix is supplemented by our strong partner ecosystem located in the USA, UK, The Bahamas, Bulgaria, Canada and Australia.

You can find out more about our vision and the future of the PageTypes product, or contact us for further details.